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Going Overseas for a Postgraduate Degree

Studying in South Africa for a Postgraduate Degree

The 10 Simple Rules Series



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Welcome to the ZA-CS, the South African Computer Science network. This site (and accompanying forum) exists as a meeting place for all the South Africans doing research in CS, wherever they happen to currently live.

It turns out that there are a lot of us, doing some very exciting things. Our aim with this site is to bring those of us interested in developing CS in South Africa together, and provide an easy way for us to keep in touch.

Please feel free to contribute to this website, or just drop into the forum and say hello.

NOTE: since this page keeps getting overwritten by spambots, we've added a password for editing pages on the wiki. It's the name of a popular South African tea - an integer followed by the five letter plural of a type of flower (all lower-case).